English Exams Andalucía (LanguageCert Approved Test Centre 4876) es el departamento de New England School of English SL responsable de la gestión y administración de exámenes oficiales LanguageCert ESOL. Atendemos a nuestra red de Academic Partners ofreciendo orientación, soporte y asistencia administrativa en diferentes partes de Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía y zonas limítrofes

Puedes contactar con nuestro departamento directamente a través del mail lcexams@newengland.es


Los Academic Partners ofrecen cursos de preparación LanguageCert, asistencia a los candidatos/as y algunas modalidades de examen en su zona de actividad.

The Blue House VIllanueva del Río y Minas

Gerona 3, Villanueva del Río y Minas (Sevilla)

615 610 475


Academia Bulevar Jaén

P.º de España, 48, 23009 Jaén 

953 36 98 30


Wake Up, Instituto Británico Arahal

Av. de las Flores, 32A, 41600 Arahal, Sevilla

664 336 346


World of English

C. Pintor Espinosa, 9, 14004 Córdoba

625 16 98 65


The Blue House Constantina

C/Álamo 22, 41450 Constantina (Sevilla)

615 610 475


The Blue House Tocina

C. Arache 63, 41340 Tocina (Sevilla)

615 610 475


Formación Línea 5- Academia de Inglés y Oposiciones

Pintor Espinosa, 16, 14004 Córdoba 

957 084 579


London Escuela de Idiomas

Avenida 12 de septiembre, El Viso del Alcor, 41520

635 290 055


¿Eres un Academic Partner? Accede desde aquí a Área Recursos Marketing y Recursos Preparación.

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If you are the owner or director of a language school or academy and you want to offer your students and clients a differentiated service, become a LanguageCert Academic Partner.

What's LanguageCert Academic Partner?

An entity that prepares students for LanguageCert exams and will register them through a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre . The following entities are eligible to apply:

  • Schools: primary, middle and secondary (state or private).
  • Language Schools/ language centres.
  • Training organisations.
  • Universities.
  • Freelance/private teachers with a registered company.

How LanguageCert will support you

  • Dedicated preparation material (official practice papers, qualification handbooks, recommended course books) to support your students at every step of their educational journey
  • Live & recorded academic webinars specially developed for teachers to refine their skills and gain insight into preparing their students for our exams
  • Access to specially developed marketing material to present our qualifications to your students and parents available & downloadable 24/7.

How we will help you

Our Test Centre will

  • Coordinate and support all the exam booking processes. All you need to do is just prepare your students for our exams and direct them to our Test Centre

  • Provide all necessary information and support at every step of exam administration from booking the exam dates to results and certificates

  • Support your marketing activities to foster your presence in your local area and expand your students' base.
  • Organise co-hosted events and workshops (together with LanguageCert) on topics of your interest, strengthening your presence among the teacher and student community in your area
  • Hold Certificate Awarding Ceremonies (together with LanguageCert) to further engage with your students, their parents, and the teaching community.

Main Features


LanguageCert  ESOL Exams are included on ACLES list and they are accepted by numerous institutions in Spain and around the world.

Pass Mark 50%

For all six CEFR exam levels (A1 to C2).

Each level is separated in two parts: Oral Exam (speaking) and Written Exam (listening, reading & writing).

Life-long certificate validity.

Exam Sessions

You will be able to find the most convenient date for each individual student with the OLP exams, register your candidates to our exam sessions or even schedule an exam session at your premises for quite a small number of candidates.

Clear Assesment Criteria

Exam structure and Assessment criteria are well defined.

No surprise for you or your candidates!

Free Support & Preparation Material

for our academic partners, including Teacher's Handbooks, Exam material and videos.

Results & Re Marking

Super fast results in up to 3 working days and certificate issuing: online & hard-copy.

Impartiality & possibility of re-marking:

interview is recorded

If you are interested in becoming a LanguageCert Academic Partner, please fill in this form and we will contact you real soon.